Welcome to the site for Environment and Health programmes, funded by a collection of UK research councils and government departments.

Environmental Exposure and Health Initiative (EEHI)

Environmental and Social Ecology of Human Infectious Diseases (ESEI)

The vision of these programmes is the establishment of truly interdisciplinary teams of researchers, conducting high quality state-of-the-art innovative research, addressing national/international research priorities that will inform and impact on policy and practice.

If you are interested in anything on this site, please feel free to contact Dr David Hutchinson, Science Coordinator for these programmes.


Urbanzoo news

“The Urban Zoo project is certainly an exciting and challenging ‘beast.’ Funded by the UK Research Council Environmental and Social Ecology of Human Infectious Diseases (ESEI) initiative, we've certainly been deeply engaged in building an evidence base that is allowing us to understand the human, natural,…

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ESEI impact workshop

Understanding the interactions between ecosystem change, disease regulation and human wellbeing is an interdisciplinary challenge which the scientific community is only beginning to address.

In January 2016 there was a Environmental and Social Ecology of Human Infectious Diseases (ESEI) programme level…

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Air Quality

This breakfast briefing provided the opportunity for parliamentarians to discuss with experts associated with the Environmental Exposure and Health Initiative and relevant stakeholders, the effect of air quality policies…

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UK air quality consultations

12th September 2015: The UK government Department of Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) seeks views on draft plans to improve air quality. The Government’s primary driver for action on air quality is the impact it can have on health and the environment. A cleaner, healthier environment benefits people and the economy. …

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EEHI & ESEI Funders

The Projects

Environmental and Social Ecology of Human Infectious Diseases (ESEI)

ENIGMA - Campylobacter and human behaviour in a changing environment

MONKEYBAR - Human infection with Plasmodium knowlesi: opportunities for prevention and control of an emerging zoonotic infection

URBANZOO - Epidemiology, ecology and socio-economics of disease emergence in Nairobi

Environmental Exposure and Health Initiative (EEHI)

AWESOME - Air pollution and Weather-related health impacts 

Cloud to Coast (C2C) - predicting exposure in near-shore coastal waters

FABLE - From Airborne exposure to Biological Effects - Pathways for health impacts of nanoparticles

TRAFFIC – Health impacts of air pollution and noise from traffic in London

The Programmes

Environmental Exposure & Health Initiative (EEHI)

This initiative aims to support collaborative, innovative and interdisciplinary research that addresses the relationship between environmental pollutants (in water, air, soil or food), other interacting stressors and human health, with the intention of advancing the development of evidence based policies and practices. The programme seeks to integrate sophistication in exposure measurement with research addressing evidence, mechanisms and scale of human health effects, and how these are influenced by environmental, behavioural and socioeconomic factors.

Environmental & Social Ecology of Human Infectious Diseases (ESEI)

This ground-breaking initiative aims to establish novel inter-disciplinary approaches to studying the ecology of infectious diseases. NERC, MRC, ESRC and BBSRC recognise that important new insights into the drivers and control of infectious diseases in human populations can only be achieved by taking a holistic systems approach which takes into account the ways in which the natural and social environments affect the emergence (emergence, re-emergence, and development of drug resistance) and spread of infectious disease. This new paradigm will enable us to respond proactively to the threat from novel pathogens and emerging infections.